Affordable Dog Grooming

Dog grooming has become increasingly popular and it is easy to see why. Every dog needs his/her day! We strive to make the grooming experience as stress free as possible for your pup(s) as well as affordable for you. For more and more dog owners, their pups are seen as much more than a simple pet but rather like extended members of the family. If that is how you view your furry friend, then why not treat him/her to a dog grooming treatment from Four Paws Grooming that will be both beneficial to your pet’s health and its appearance. Four Paws Grooming just passed our ONE year anniversary and appreciate our new AND existing customers. We are committed to working hard for you as well as doing the best we can. We accept all sizes/shapes/color dogs so give us a call/text.

How it All Works

When you walk in, we try to greet each new dog in our front (waiting) area. Our shop is open and bright, nothing behind closed doors. We feel this openness gives transparency to our operation and a comfort level that we are open/honest about our business. Being open to the outside world can be challenging for pups who are overly excitable, but that is OK. We would rather have them see the world, than not.

We strive to meet your needs. As your pup gets more comfortable with the process, we feel they will be less nervous (although this is not ALWAYS the case). :)

Appointment time lengths are generally within a 2-3 hour window.

Pricing is variable depending on time, temperament and condition of your pup. Our shop is currently open by appointment only. We may in the future expand our days/hours as the need arises.

Call Our Team Today

Whether your dog needs a nail trim or the works.. give us a call 585-571-4205 or send us a TEXT to 585-303-5221


Referrals to your friends that result in a new client to us = $5.00 off your next full groom appointment. We appreciate positive feedback and the opportunity to better serve our community. Your friends are our friends!

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