The Mother-Daughter Team

Four Paws Grooming was an opportunity that came to us in 2017. Four Paws Grooming was an existing business. Two women that were friends, had been here for 10 years and decided it was time to retire. As a mother, we strive to help nurture our children no matter what age they may be. We started this and went 100% all in together.

Mom's background- An animal lover at heart but the TIME to love/care for an animal was not in the cards in the past. I have a strong background in sales/customer service. The one MAJOR skill I took from that is how to be a very good listener. In addition, due to my mother being a caregiver (babysitter if you will) her entire life, I have always been fascinated by the little people of the world. Babies have always melted my heart. I have carried that love for children into this business. As you know, your pups, young or old are so much like children/babies.. Fun, Fussy, Silly, Anxious, Crazy, Sullen, Sweet. There is never a dull moment with either pets or children. I strive to continue learning, perfecting this craft and loving your babies.

Daughter's background- (As written by the mom) :) It's pretty simple.. Growing up there weren't barbies and tea parties at our house. For this girl, there was a Simba doll that never left her side, horse books, catching frogs and walking on all fours to be like Mowgly from the Jungle Book. She would jump at the chance to pet sit for a friend or family member. We spent some time working at a cat shelter and even though she would walk out of there sneezing to high heaven- cleaning litter boxes and giving those cats attention/love was worth it. She is a true animal lover and the two of us together make a good team.

We are a team. We bicker as all mother/daughters do but at the end of the day we have very different strengths that complement each other.

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